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Art in its various aspects has always been part of my life. Visual arts, performing arts, dance, music or fashion.

I am the daughter of an accomplished seamstress, sister of a dancer, granddaughter of a painter, niece of a singer, cousin of actors and actresses in theater and television.

I graduated in visual arts and visual programming from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, FAAP.

I started my professional life working with graphic design for a magazine and then developing visual communication for some companies in the area of ​​stationery, packaging and logos.

I went to study in the USA and “backpacked” around Europe to learn a little more about Art History, the Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Modernism. I fell in love with street art, urban interventions and all that energy that emanates from the big cities.

Back in São Paulo, in 1996, I had my first canvas exhibition at the extinct Espaço Movida, in the heart of "Jardins".

Then I entered the corporate world in the area of creation and production of events and stayed in it for almost 18 years. I traveled through the largest Live Marketing agencies in Brazil with large events inside and outside the country. At this time, Art stopped being a profession and became a hobby and a therapy for me.

But even working in this area, my eyes have always been on the artistic side of events, graphic design, scenography, costumes, lighting and presentations by bands and artists.

There's no way, Art is in my DNA, and that's why, since 2020, I decided to give the attention and professionalism it deserves!

With considerable baggage and without fear of taking chances with different techniques, I found my language and my voice in Fine Arts.

That voice tells me to let it flow, to have fun, not to suffer in the creation process and not to worry so much about the final result!

Today, I allow myself to take a chance on abstract painting, figurative painting, collage and illustration.

Who knows, I will soon venture into photography, ceramics, architecture ....

So much still to be done!

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